There are so many local Hard Rock/Metal bands here in Oklahoma that has a great sound and know how to get the audience moving. And then again, there are some local bands that have absolutely no talent and can actually make ears bleed. I am here to give you the thoughts and opinions of the masses, the feelings and opinions of the various bands and my own personal opinions. Also I will be listing off the dates of upcoming shows.

   This is a "no holds bar" site that will allow anyone with a thinking brain to put their opinions thoughts into words and let the local hard rock/metal scene see what you honestly think of them. Criticism and praises are verch much welcomed here.



Day Of Tragedy

Kirk Willis Dark Ascent

Here are just some of the shows that will be playing here in the Oklahoma:


  • April 27th

​Hidden Castle (Norman)

Rebellion LIVE

  • April 28th

Railhead Saloon (Lawton)

Burning The Shadows, Warneck, Dead Core and More!!!

  • April 29th

​Coca Cola Convention Center (OKC)

Dark Ascent, Day of Tragedy, Anialas, A Dying Art

with special guest Shadows Fall and Trumpet The Harlot

  • May 12th

​Harrah Music Hall (Harrah)

Another Round, Happy Tuesday and Hanging Haley

  • May 18th

The Hidden Castle (Norman)

BREA, Ancient Anger, Komatryp and Dark Arsenal

  • ​May 19th

​The Compound (Bixby)

Far From Sanity, Idefy, Reborn In Fire and Even The Dogs

  • June 2nd

​Scotty's Lounge (Tulsa)

Shotgun Rebellion LIVE

  • June 9th

​Ole  Memorial Lounge (Tulsa)

In Union ..... more details to come

  • June 14th

​The Conservatory (OKC)

Smile Empty Soul, The Veer Union, Ionia. Featuring: Left To Die and Spinal Cross

  • June 23rd

​McSalty's Pizza (OKC)

A Strand Of Fate, Morbid Corruptor, Wildsallee, Still Breathing

Promises Revolt and more


*will be continuously updated*