Local Bands Excited About Upcoming Show

01/22/2012 21:58

   Last year was an explosive year for the local hard rock/metal bands here in Oklahoma. Bands such as Lock-17, Left To Die, Ugly Seed, Before Your Darkest Memories and Switchblade Rosie hit the local scene like a storm performing all over the state gaining recognition and a huge fan base.

  “These bands love what they do and it shows whenever they perform. None of the local bands that I have seen ever disappointed me.” said Eddie Johnston, a fan of Ugly Seed. “Whenever I see a band that I love kill it on stage it just gives me a energetic feeling that I could not get anywhere else. I can’t wait to see what the local scene has in store for 2012!”

   “Last year was a fucking great year! It was the most fun I ever had.” said Jeremy Waller, lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Left To Die. “If we can top 2011 I think that would be fucking awesome!”

   The one major show that has got so many people and me on the edge of our seats is the St. Valentines Day Massacre

that will be happening on the 10th and 11th of February at the Coca Cola Convention in Bricktown. Some of these bands have played at the Coca Cola Convention before but found out that this particular show will be a change from what their usually use to.

   “We played at the Coca Cola Convention before but this time will be a different ball game. There’s going to be lights and wardrobes and so many great bands.” said Waller. “I am very excited! Sometimes I can barley sleep thinking about it.”

   “I think it is awesome and can't wait to see old friends and make new!! I think it's going to be a great show.” said Ann Rushing, bass guitarist for SPUNN. I love the Coca-cola event center, the stage is nice and large with plenty of room for putting on big shows like this and with so many different bands with great sound to boot.”

Other bands deem this as a considerable opportunity to get some additional exposure and to soak up the killer experience such a venue may have to offer.

   “It is really amazing that we are going to be playing at such a big venue. And plus, it gives us a chance to showcase our talent and to try to get to some big promoters.” said Josh Smith, lead singer and bass player for Before Your blackest Memories. “We know couple of the bands and played with them before so I know that it’s going to be a heavy show.”

   While talking with Rusty Wigham, the rhythm guitarist for Lock-17, he expressed how “super bumped” the band was to be playing with so many phenomenal bands and that he also experienced some sleepless night just thinking about the show. He went on to say that the Coca Cola Convention would be the biggest venue that they have played in and that they are going to be showcasing some new material.

   2012 holds some electrifying events and possibilities for all the local Hard Rock/Metal band here in Oklahoma. Switchblade Rosie, for example, had some appealing news.

   “Switchblade Rosie just put out a new music video that we shot a couple weeks ago. It’s going to make people’s jaws drop!” said Chris Aaron, the lead singer of Switchblade Rosie. We do have a show at the Thirsty Hog Saloon where we will be showing the video. Plus, we are sharing the stage with Chronicles of Mayhem. I’m so fucking excited!”

  Surprisingly, another local band, by the name of Another Round, is starting out the new year with a small but killer show. Adding on to their excitement Another Round gets to share the stage with none other than The Texas Hippie Coalition!

   “We are practicing like crazy! And we are thrilled that we get to be on the same stage with THC.” said Daniel Aguirre, the lead singer of Another Round.

   The possibilities and the excitements are endless for this new year and I know that I can speak for some the bands when I say that 2012 will be a year to remember.