Switchblade Rosie Electrifies The Local Music Scene

03/25/2012 00:14

There are a lot of well known hard rock/metal bands in the music industry; such as, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, ect., that has combined two completely different genres of music and gave birth to a while new beast called Progressive/Symphonic metal. The sound and technique of such a beast seems so complex and unbelievable that it seems like no one local could ever come close to matching such a talent. But alas, there is a local band here in Oklahoma by the name of Switchblade Rosie that has found this particular beast not only simple but easy to tame. They understand the intricate design of the music as well as the complexity of such technique.

“We are what some would consider a classical/jazz/ metal fusion. The whole thought process behind Switchblade Rosie was to never be bound by any one certain genre,” said Chris Aaron, lead singer. “Music is too broad to just play one certain style. We love damn near every genre and try to incorporate that in our song writing.”

Switchblade Rosie was born in the summer of 2009 when Jose Gabaldon, the lead guitarist answered a Craigslist posting put up by Chris. After meeting up and rehearsing for a while, they started to discuss goals for a new project. And realizing that Jose was a music major, Chris and Jose; both, came to conclusion that they wanted like-minded musicians with the same education and drive in the band. After searching for about two weeks; Josh Fallin, drummer, joined the band.

“After weeding through a few drummers, we finally spotted Josh at the University of Central Oklahoma,” Chris said. “We knew that he was the right fit and he had the same education that we were looking for.”

For about a year Switchblade Rosie cycled through about five or six bass players. Chris, Josh and Jose were completely beside themselves. All three wanted a bass player that took the band seriously and understood the dynamics of what Switchblade Rosie would ultimately become. After a year Tyler Blake, bassist, joined the band. Surprisingly enough Blake also studied at the University of Central Oklahoma as a music major.

“We knew right off the bat that Tyler was the right fit,” Chris said. “In my opinion, Tyler can do more than any other bassist we had.”

Through the course of that year, Switchblade Rosie have lost two keyboardist and is currently keeping the band a four piece.

“We are in the market for a replacement keyboardist, but we feel really tight as a band now,” Chris said. “We would hold anyone who would like to audition to the extremely high standards that we set for ourselves.”

Switchblade Rosie never started out as a tribute band, playing covers for their fans. They are a band that always strive to play intelligent and unique music.

“We feel that the music that is forced down society’s throat by the mainstream music and radio industries today is mostly bullshit,” said Jose. “We thought it was about time took the initiative to put together a group that not only would appeal to real musicians through technical virtuosity, but also had the catchy hooks to grab the average listeners attention as well. We’re music lovers at heart and just wanted to try something a bit different.”

The bands that influence Switchblade Rosie is quiet vast. From Mozart all the way to Mudvayne, it’s like Chris, Jose, Josh and Tyler has touch on all the spectrums of the music world.

“We’ve been told that we sound like we’re influenced by everyone from Rush to Dream Theater, to Alice in Chains, Mudvayne and even System Of A Down. Needless to say, we draw influence from a lot of different bands and musicians, some before of time and some in our time,” said Chris. “But we don’t strive to sound like anyone and we all are inspired by different musicians, so once we meld all of it together it becomes what we consider to be pretty original sounding music.”

The biggest show Switchblade Rosie preformed at was the KATT’S Band Beat Down last year.

“That show will always stick with us. You want to talk about playing in front of a big crowd, well that was our biggest. And the energy that the crowd was giving off was almost intoxicating,” said Josh. “There is not a drug out there that can give you the same high as when you play to a crowd that is eating out of the palm of your hand.”

“If not that show then the opportunity to play on the same stage as the Coca Cola Convention Center that Slayer, In Flames, Gwar and even Type O Negative have played on,” said Chris. “It was an honor to me.”

And just like their influences, Switchblade Rosie tries to convey a messafe to their fans and the audience, no matter how big the crowd is.

“Every show is different and it really depends on what kind of show we are playing. Seeing how we play in a lot of different styles and genres, there’s always going to be a different response,” said Jose. “But no matter how big the crowd is or what style or genre we decide to play, the message remains the same; that you can actually put forth effort in striving for something greater than a three chord song. We are musical smart asses in the sense that we like to challenge not only ourselves but the listeners as well.”

One things for sure, the love that Josh, Chris, Jose and Tyler have for the band is pretty evident. You can hear it in their music and see it when they perform. Each of them love the band for different reasons but if you really think about it, all the reasons boil down to just one; the joy the music brings to them.

“Most of the songs are legitimately always fun to play. Even if we’re hung over or sick, once we get going, these songs just pumps us up,” said Josh. “We write music that speaks to all of is and it continually speaks and that is something I feel we have that is very special.”

“One of my favorite things about this band is that we have the ability to play whatever we feel like at any given time. We can quote Mozart and Vivaldi, play in 7/8 reggae and double time swing and even trade solos at a drop of a hat,” said Tyler. “I think that the fun we’re having as a band and the utmost sincerity of the music we make is very apparent to the listener, and makes it sound even better.”

“I like the freedom that we have. We can write whatever, whenever and well love doing it. It does not gat any better than that,” said Jose.

“The fact that every single one of us thinks outside the box of mainstream standards is what I love the most,” said Chris. “We can do things that not everyone can do and we are everything I look for in a band and more. And the fact that I can call these guys not only my best friends but my family is something that is very special to me.”

What does the future have in store for Switchblade Rosie? Well, it’s very quite simple. In their own words, WORLD DOMINATION.

“I want people, not only all over the United States, but the world to know that this complex, unique and new sound came out of Oklahoma City. That OKC has more to offer than red dirt, country and Hinder,” said Chris. “That there is a shit load of talent in Oklahoma and we want to be the springboard for that notoriety. Honestly, we feel we can convert anyone to a Switchblade Rosie fan.”

There are not a lot of local bands here that can hold a candle to this type of music. That can combine classical with metal and have it flow with an even course. Switchblade Rosie is a unique band and I know that they will keep striving to keep everyone on their toes.