I am just a fan of the local Hard Rock/Metal scene and feel that some of the local bands out there don't get the recognition that they deserve. I am here to write reviews on bands and report on shows that we go to around Oklahoma. I am here to give my opinion and the opinions of the bands.

   I also like to know what the public has to say about the local bands and shows that we report on. Whether good or bad, I WANT TO KNOW! Constructive criticism is always welcomed. Let your opinions fly! Let the bands know what you think that they need to improve on or what you liked about the band and the music that they perform.

   I am just a fan that love music and this is a site for just that, fans that love music.

ALL photos and videos is provided by All the Oklahoma Local Bands and Steve Lamb.

ThanK You to all the bands that helped out. I appreciate you all

and hope to see you guys soon!!!!