Switchblade Rosie Electrifies The Local Music Scene

03/25/2012 00:14
There are a lot of well known hard rock/metal bands in the music industry; such as, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Dream Theater, Symphony X, ect., that has combined two completely different genres of music and gave birth to a while new beast called Progressive/Symphonic metal. The sound and...

St. Valentine's Day Massacre KILLS

02/15/2012 00:00
   On the nights of February 10th and 11th a legion of fans flooded the streets of Bricktown for the biggest show that the local Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene has ever seen before. All day you could feel the excitement and anticipation building in the air as the concert was...

Dark Ascent Comes Into The Light

02/13/2012 00:09
   There’s nothing better than to hear different parts of Heavy Metal perfectly combined to form a well balanced piece of music ready to ravage a city! Formed in the late 2011, just barely out of infancy, Dark Ascent hit Oklahoma’s Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene with a brutal...

Local Bands Excited About Upcoming Show

01/22/2012 21:58
   Last year was an explosive year for the local hard rock/metal bands here in Oklahoma. Bands such as Lock-17, Left To Die, Ugly Seed, Before Your Darkest Memories and Switchblade Rosie hit the local scene like a storm performing all over the state gaining recognition and a huge fan...



Jose Gabaldon St. Patty's Day @ Paseo Underground